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Dress Your Baby Like Violet Affleck in 2008!

Violet Affleck 2008 Cacharel Coat

Okay, we know this isn’t directly a post about Jennifer Garner, but Violet Affleck is just too much fun! Violet Affleck had a great 2007 and she is posed for an amazing 2008. Just look at her! We haven’t had that much athletic ability in ages.

Back to the topic at hand though: dressing your baby like Violet Affleck. Now, keep in mind it will often not be cheap, but if your baby looks half as cute as Violet then you are doing great! The most expensive piece featured in the picture above is Violet Affleck’s Cacheral Grey and Pink Tweed Style Coat which can be purchased from AlexAndAlexa for a little over $100. This tweed coat is bound to keep your child warm through the winter.