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Jennifer Garner Chats With Fans!

The picture above, from “13 Going On 30″, is what we imagine Jennifer Garner looked like today as she tried to field questions from over 100 fans in a chat sponsored by the LA Times. The star was as sweet as could be, and we have many excerpts from the chat. Obviously everyone was anxious to talk about her career, but Jen also fielded some questions regarding her personal life.

Juno, garnering much attention with the press, was obviously a popular topic in the chat.

When asked if she knew Juno was going to be a hit when she read the script, Jen replied:

I knew that there was something special about Diablo’s script, but you can never really know how a movie will turn out or whether people will respond

Not only was Juno of course popular, but so was Jen’s Broadway role in Cyrano de Bergerac.

One theater-goer asked Jennifer Garner if she enjoyed wearing the marvelous costumes in her Cyrano de Bergerac, to which Jen said:

Wearing the costumes makes me happy every night

Many fans in the chat expressed sympathy and dismay that Jennifer Garner did not win an Emmy before, but Jen was much more upbeat:

It’s hard to get too upset about not winning an Emmy when you watch the other women who were nominated–Allison Janney? Come on–she is incredible. And Edie Falco? Amazing. I was happy to be on the list for so many years

Jennifer was also asked about her preference of film genres, either comedy or drama, to which she explained:

I like both and am happy that I get to go back and forth between drama and comedy

We felt the need to ask her a question ourselves, so we asked her her opinion on fans that simply wave and say ‘Hi’ on the street (not those annoying ones that want to take pictures and tell you their life story). Being the most amazing actress alive, of course she told us:

I love fans that say hi on the street. Makes my day.

We also asked Jennifer Garner is she would ever consider doing a TV-series again:

I would do a tv series, someday. It is all about how it fits into my life and so who knows? movies are easier, except for moving to different locations all of the time.

We wanted to point out one comment which we found to be very interesting.

There is an old movie that I am trying to get re-made, but I don’t have the rights, yet, so I can’t say. I would have to sing, though–yeesh!

We are naturally very interested in any possible work she may be working on, so if anybody has any information or has heard anything, please pass it along.

She also felt the need to reveal extremely intimate details, such as:

Fave movie–don’t laugh, because I mean it–Wizard of OZ.

Okay, maybe the details aren’t extremely intimate, but we of course couldn’t listen to Jen’s plead, and had to laugh ourselves.

She concluded by saying:

Have a Merry Christmas guys (or whatever you celebrate) Thank you for being so nice to me and for supporting me. I appreciate all of you more than you know. All I want for Christmas is for you to keep watching.

That is definitely the easiest gift on our Christmas lists to fulfill.

For more on the chat, the transcript will probably be posted at later today, so be sure to check it out!