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Jennifer Garner Sesame Street Video

You can check out Jennifer Garner’s Sesame Street Galoshes video here:

Jennifer Garner is Back at ABC

Jennifer Garner has been a busy woman recently. Not only has she been taking care of her two adorable children, but she’s been hammering out the details of her deal with ABC. Garner’s production company, Vandalia Films, has signed a deal with ABC. The ex-Alias star is returning to the network that put her in the spotlight. Unfortunately, Jen won’t be returning as Sydney Bristow. Rather than returning to TV acting, she will be taking on a larger role behind the scenes. Her production company will work with ABC to product projects for the network. Details at this point are scarce, but there’s always the possibility that Jen will appear in some of the shows herself. This deal is huge for her production company, which has this far only produced two small films (Sabbatical and Be With You), both of which are to be released this year.

Jennifer Garner teams up with Bundled in Hope 2009

Save the Children and Toys R Us are teaming up to deliver thousands of blankets to babies.  A number of mothers, including Jennifer Garner, have designed baby blankets for Bundled in Hope. The blankets will be auctioned on eBay, and 100% of the proceeds will be used to purchase blankets for babies in need. As you know, Jennifer Garner is a huge supporter of Save the Children, and this blanket is a treat for any fan. Jennifer Garner’s design features overlapping pink circles in various sizes, accentuated by a pink satin border. Bidding on the baby blanket designed by Jennifer Garner begins on May 25th. You can find more information here.

Jennifer Garner with Family – Ben, Violet and Seraphina

Jennifer Garner took a stroll with the entire familyon Friday. Ben, Seraphina and Violet were all present for the walk through the park in Boston. At one point, Jennifer Garner was carrying Violet on her back and Seraphina on her front. All those years on Alias are paying off.

Tonight, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck will attend the 2009 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. We will have pictures for you shortly after the event, so check back soon.

Jennifer Garner in Bikini

Over the years many photographers have gotten the chance to catch Jennifer Garner in her bikini. This isn’t surprising since most celebrities take the time to go to the beach when they can (who doesn’t?). What’s amazing is the great shape that Jennifer Garner has kept her bikini body in.

You can see in this early lingerie picture from Alias that Jennifer Garner had an amazing body.

Jennifer Garner Bikini from Alias

Jennifer Garner lingerie from Alias

There are a few other notable pics of Jennifer Garner in a bikini taken during episodes of Alias:

Jennifer Garner Blue Alias Bikini

Jennifer Garner Blue Alias Bikini

You can really see Jennifer’s ab definition in this pic:

Jennifer Garners Red Bikini

Jennifer Garner's Red Bikini

Even as recent as last year, Jennifer Garner looks smoking in a bikini.

Jennifer Garner in Bikini in 2008

Jennifer Garner in Bikini in 2008