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Juno Movie Starts Screening

Jennifer Garner Juno Movie

Jennifer Garner’s new film, Juno, has began screening in New York and the first impressions are good. In the movie, Juno (Ellen Page) is faced with an unplanned pregnancy from classmate Bleeker (Michael Cero of Superbad). With the help of her best friend, Ellen finds the couple Mark and Vanessa (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner), who wish to adopt the child. The movie portrays Ellen’s struggle with the decisions she faces as she deals with her unplanned pregnancy. We can’t wait to catch this film in theaters and hopefully its success will ensure more Jennifer Garner flicks in the future.

Jennifer Garner and Rachel Ray Gone Wild

Jennifer Garner to appear on Rachel Ray

Okay, we know the subject got you excited, but sadly we don’t have anything THAT wild to tell you. Jennifer Garner will be discussing her Broadway debut with Rachel Ray on December 10th alongside men modeling underwear and braised short ribs. Obviously Jen will be the star of the show.

More Chances To See Jen!

Due to the strikes recently plaguing Broadway, Jennifer Garner’s new Broadway, Cyrano de Bergerac, will no longer conclude on December 23rd as originally scheduled. The play is set to continue until January 6th, giving fans more time to go see Jen! You can catch the performance at the Richard Rodgers Theatre and tickets for the two week extension go on sale Wednesday, December 5th.

In case you live under a rock or just haven’t been following Jen closely, Kevin Kline plays the lead male role in Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, which opened curtains November 1st. The play his based on a true story and has Cyrano (Kline) falling in love with the beautiful Roxane (Garner). It is a believable plot because, who wouldn’t fall in love with Jennifer Garner? But back to the play, Cyrano has a large nose but is ashamed and tries to hide it from Roxane. When he finds out that Roxane loves another man, Christian, he begins to write poetry and love letters on behalf of Christian.

Jennifer and Violet Have a Ball!

Jennifer Garner and baby Violet swinging in New York

Jennifer Garner and her precious baby Violet Affleck were spotted playing in the park in New York. It appears that Jen was trying to squeeze in some play time before having to head to her Broadway gig. The two spent the morning playing peek-a-boo and swinging before grabbing lunch.

Glamour’s 2007 Woman of the Year!

Jennifer Garner Glamour 2007 Woman of the Year

Jennifer Garner was announced as Glamour’s 2007 Woman of the Year and is featured on the front of Glamour’s December issue. The article touches on many points of her life. When asks who her favorite hero was she replied that it was her younger sister. She mentions she feels bad for Britney Spears and of course touches on the dorky side we all love!

Be sure to check out Glamour’s December 2007 issue for more or simply click the link below.

Source: Glamour